Terms of Sale


(updated on 13.05.2016)

1. simworld Online Store is property of simworld company registered in Business Acitvity Register of Poland with record numbers of 1291/2008 and 64832/2009. Company’s European Union VAT ID is PL7822462233.

2. Orders can be made both by registered and unregistered users. To create an account Customer needs to fill out registration form avaiable on the website. User is given his account information by e-mail – personal login and password, that are essential to make orders. Account information can be modified at any time using account edit option.

3. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide true and correct information and to make updates in case of any changes. simworld cannot be liable for any situations caused by incorrect personal data provided by the Customer, especially for undelivered orders. For safety purposes, it is best to provide a secondary e-mail address and telephone number.

4. We strive to make all information as accurate and unambiguous as possible. However, we do not guarantee it is free of errors or shorts, what cannot be basis for any claims. All information, pictures, videos and other materials are as detailed as possible but are not a trade offer in accordance with Art. 66 Par.1 of the Civil Code of Republic of Poland. In case of any questions please enquire at shop(at)simworld.pl prior to making the order.

5. All products are intended for hobby, non-commercial and private use only.

6. Commercial use of simworld products (rental, flight training, other profit-oriented application) is subject to an extended license and requires a written approval from simworld. For more information on licensing please contact sales department at shop(at)simworld.pl .

7. All products must not be used for operational use in real aviation.

8. Differences caused by Customer’s screen and/or computer settings (proportions, colors, etc.) cannot be basis for any complaints of purchased items.

9. All pictures, videos, drawings, graphics, files and especially logo and slogan are property of simworld. Use of any of the above without a written approval from simworld is not allowed.

10. simworld reserves the right to change the Terms of Sale at any time.

11. By making an order, a Customer fully accepts the Terms of Sale.



1. All products’ prices are listed in euros ( € / EUR ). simworld reserves the right to change currency without prior notification.

2. simworld reserves the right to reject questionable orders and orders from a Customer whose account information is incomplete. In case of any doubt simworld reserves the right to make additional confirmation of the order and/or to ask the Customer to complete missing information.

3. simworld reserves the right to reject orders if store’s content and/or published information have been illegally changed by third parties.

4. At the time of placing an order the final and firm price is shown next to each product. simworld reserves the right to change prices and withdraw products without prior notification, excluding orders being already processed.

5. All orders are processed after confirmed payment. simworld reserves the right to cancel unpaid orders within 7 days without prior notification.

6. simworld strives to process all orders as soon as possible but deliveries are subject to schedules depending on stock levels and date of payment. If purchased items are not in stock standard lead times will apply as per product’s description.

7. According to specification of production process, simworld reserves the right to delivery time exceeding two months starting from the end of the month of payment / deposit.

8. Our store has a real-time reflection of stock levels. However simworld reserves the right to errors in such information. If some of purchased items are unavaialbe in ordered quantity Customer will be notified about order’s status and estimated lead time and will have the right to: wait for the missing parts, receive only available parts and cancel other items, split shipping (to be determined individually) or cancel entire order. If Customer decides to ship only available products, amount paid for unavailable itmes will be refunded into Customer’s bank or PayPal account as described in the Returns section.

9. All orders that were not shipped because of a missing payment or lack of contact from the Customer, will be subject to a storage fee (EUR 3 per day of storage). Products are stored up to three months, after which they become part of our stock and are available for sale through the web shop. Products necessary to complete the original order will be manufactured again, after the final payment has been made or a contact has been established (a new lead time will apply).



1. There are 3 payment methods available: PayPal, bank transfer or cash.

For orders above €1500 PayPal payments may not be accepted despite being listed under payment methods upon checkout. In such case simworld may ask the Customer to make a bank wire transfer or a fee of 3% will be charged for PayPal payment.

2. Payments must be made in euros ( € / EUR ). In some cases and on individual principles payment in other currency may be accepted.

3. All transaction fees must be paid by the Customer (for international bank wire transfers, transaction charges code in payment instructions must be “OUR” – sender).

4. Transfers should be made into the following account:

PL 86 2490 0005 0000 4600 9891 2300

ul. Waska 33
62-052 Komorniki, Poland

For international transfers BIC number or bank name and address are essential. These are:


Name and address:

Alior Bank S.A.
Al. Jerozolimskie 94
00-807 Warszawa, Poland

5. All payments made by the Customer are considered downpayments for production of ordered items.



1. Orders are processed as described in the Orders section. Full advance payment is required prior to shipping.

2. Available shipping options, zones, costs and any shipping restrictions are described in the Shipping section.

3. Customer will be notified via e-mail after order has shipped or when it is ready for pickup.

4. simworld reserves the right to change available shipping options without prior notification, excluding orders being already processed unless the shipping option chosen by the Customer is no longer available due to reasons beyond control of simworld.

5. simworld is not responsible for delays in delivery and for any damage caused by a shipping company in transit. All orders are carefully packaged and secured. It is Customer’s responsibility to check the content on delivery in the presence of a courier or a postman. In case of any damage spotted, Customer needs to protocol this fact together with a courier and report it to simworld immediately. All claims regarding the in-transit damage will be accepted only with this protocol. Products (or their damaged parts) damaged in transit will be replaced with new ones and delivered to the Customer at no extra cost.

6. If the order cannot be delivered from a Customer’s fault, especially in case of refusal or incompelete or incorrect address, no rights can be claimed. If the Customer wishes to have the order sent again, shipping fee will be charged again.

7. If the order cannot be delivered from a simworld’s fault, it will be re-sent, after prior contact with the Customer, at no extra costs.

8. Shipping costs to non-EU countries do not include local taxes, customs duties and brokerage fees. It is Customer’s responsibility to check applicable fees and any import restrictions.



1. Customer has the right to return ordered products without giving a reason within fourteen (14) calendar days after delivery.

2. Return is possible only after prior consultation with simworld (in order to discuss return conditions). Returned products must be carefully packaged and secured. simworld reserves the right to refuse unreported returns. Simworld is not liable for any damage caused during return shipping.

3. Returned products must: not have any signs of use, not be damaged, be in an original packaging with a complete set of sale documents and (if applicable) have a warranty card and unbroken warranty seals.

4. Strictly no custom-made products can be returned.

5. Refunds are limited to the product’s price only plus the cheapest shipping option’s cost. Return shipping costs are to be paid by the Customer and will not be refunded.

6. All refunds will be made into Customer’s bank or PayPal account within 30 days after inspection of all returned products. Customer will receive a refund notification via e-mail.



1. All claims must be made in written form (e-mail or regular mail). To claim a refund the Customer needs to attach a copy of sale documents and a warranty card (if applicable), brief description and (optionally) pictures, what will help adjust the complaint.

2. In case of any in-transit damage all complaints will be adjusted only with a damage survey protocol. More information on in-transit damage can be found in the Shipping section.

3. Mechanical damage caused by improper use and natural wear is not subject to any claims.

4. All complaints will be adjusted within 14 days after receiving all essential information and documents or, if such is necessary, after receiving the complained product.

5. If the complaint is found justified simworld will repair broken product (or its broken parts) or replace it with a new one and will carry shipping costs. If the broken product (or its parts) cannot be repaired or replaced, Customer will be given individual recompensation offer. In case of refusal, refund will be made into Customer’s bank or PayPal account within 30 days.

6. If the complaint is rejected, complained product will be shipped to the Customer at his cost.



1. simworld protects all personal data in accordance with Polish Personal Data Protection Law from 29th of August 1997 and other applicable laws of the European Union.

2. Customer has the right to inspect, change and remove his personal data at any time.

3. All Customers’ personal data is used exclusively to process orders.



1. All dates and prices shown next to upcoming products are only a reference and can be changed without prior notification.

2. In some cases simworld reserves the right to make such products available in preorder. If preorder is avaialbe, proper information will be provided in the product’s description. Conditions of preorder will be specified for every product individually. If there is no information about preorder conditions, the product is not available in preorder.



1. In case of any disputes which cannot be solved by compromise, the applicable law is the Civil Code of Republic of Poland.



1. In case of any questions or doubts please contact us at shop(at)simworld.pl .

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