Pedestal- Aft Electronic Panel Plug&Play

Pedestal Panel
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Pedestal- Aft Electronic Panel Plug&Play

A unique and versatile unit, it closely replicates the look and feel of the actual aircraft, at the same time allowing for advanced customization.

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Product Description

After years of rumours and speculation, after months of design and development, it’s finally here. The Pedestal, the final piece in the simworld panels suite. A unique and versatile unit, it closely replicates the look and feel of the actual aircraft, at the same time allowing for advanced customization. A revolutionary product on the sim market, featuring never before seen mechanical and electronic solutions, as well as full module functionality. As is customary, simworld went where no one went before, bringing sim enthusiast the ultimate Pedestal panel, thus completing a world-renowned line-up of Plug&Play panels. Aft Electronic Panel from simworld is a perfect choice for your 737 simulator.

CAN technology is used for communication between the panels and modules in the simulator and the computer controlling them. A CAN bus provides stable operation and optimizes computer’s load. This industrial standard has been developed to function in electrically noisy environments and is widely used in aviation, automotive and maritime idustries.

The panel is 100% Plug&Play and ready to use out of the box, so there is absolutely no need for configuration or calibration. No drivers are required – Windows recognizes all simworld hardware like a mouse or a printer and the panels are natively supported by ProSim737. USB port can be switched during operation (no need for using a fixed USB port). All panels and gauges are fully backlit. All switches, annunciators, gauge and pushbuttons are functional unless otherwise noted.

Full list of modules included in the Aft Electronic Panel:

2 x Navigation Panel
2 x Radio Tuning Panel
2 x Audio Control Panel
1 x ATC (Transponder) Panel
1 x ADF Panel
1 x Cockpit Acceess (Door) Panel
1 x Cargo Fire Protection Panel
1 x Weather Radar Panel
1 x Backlighting Control Panel
1 x Rudder Trim Panel with Rudder Trim Indicator

Detailed description:

– highly realistic 1:1 scale panels
– real B737NG fonts
– panels in accurate colors like on a real B737NG
– aluminium frame
– accurately shaped, painted knobs, realistic decals
– adjustable backlighting for modules
– solid, aluminium powder coated stand
– no dummy switches
– power supply included
– assembled and tested – no additional purchases necessary, the panel is ready for a flight
– 100% Plug and Play: ProSim737, PMDG, IFly, Project Magenta

Unique features:

– unavailable elsewhere Audio Control Panel (as fitted on the latest aircraft) – featuring dual chamber MIC Selector pushbuttons and RX status LEDs, potentiometers with push-push lock mechanism and rotary channel adjustment
– triple rotary encoders on ADF panel (only such solution on the market)
– latest version of the Radio Tuning Panel (multiradio)
– genuine solution for Extinguisher Arming switches (mechanical shutter on the legend)
– functional, backlit Rudder Trim Indicator
– second-to-none LCD displays, featuring spot on shape, color and lettering (as well as special symbols)

Dimensions: 570 x 460 x 405 mm (L x W x H)
Shipping weight: 22 kg


Fire Protection Panel is not included.

For commercial use contact our sales department.

Additional Information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 66 x 68 x 71 cm

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