B737NG Fixed Base Trainer


B737NG Fixed Base Trainer

A complete and fully functional B737 flight simulator, including all control panels, interior linings and outer shell, flight controls (control columns, rudder pedals and throttle quadrant). Simulators are available with or without the professional multi-channel wraparound HD Vision System.


Product Description

We are pleased that you are considering us as a supplier of your flight simulator – for your home or business, we look forward to hearing from you and helping you materialize your projects!

All simulators are firstly built and thoroughly tested in our facility prior to shipping and re-erected on site (at the Customer) by our team of engineers. This makes the entire process of setting up a simulator completely trouble-free for the Customer while simworld takes care of all aspects of the build from day one and delivers a ready-to-go solution. On-site training is also provided, which covers normal operating procedures and current maintenance.

Operating our simulators is easy thanks to the intuitive user interface and cutting-edge technologies we use – particularly CAN communication – normally found on real aircraft, ships, production lines and in other industrial applications. Our interface incorporates all hardware drivers in only one single controller what guarantees perfect compatibility, incredible reliability, robustness, minimum downtimes and near-zero maintenance. All flight simulators manufactured by simworld run on dedicated, purpose-designed controllers and software – no generic in/out cards used!

Every simulator comes with all control panels, flight controls (yokes, rudder pedals, nose wheel steering wheel, throttle quadrant), pilots’ seats, interior lining, warranty and support. We also provide purpose-built and dedicated Control Units (RACK) which control the avionics, hardware and run the simulation. This ensures the best performance and system’s stability. For ultimate realism your simulator can be equipped with our immersive multi-channel HD visuals that generates the outside view of 220 degrees! Even without any motion platform, immersion is so high that most pilots do lean their heads when banking!

In 2015 simworld – as the first simulators manufacturer – we opened own pilot experience venue in Poznan (Poland) named GearUP! which is now available to all aviation entusiasts who can enjoy the illusion of flight!  The simulator has already flown several thousands of hours with our Customers and still counting, what is the ultimate stress-test for all our equipment and solutions!

A visit at GearUP! can be arranged for a hands-on experience, as we believe that there is no better way to evaluate your options before purchase. Come, see and experience!


More information on the GearUP! project available at www.gearup.aero, YT channel and facebook.


We encourage you to contact us and ask away – we will be glad to answer every question or detail shipping and assembly. Worldwide shipping available and extended customer service is guaranteed. Note that all simulators are made to order and lead time may apply.


Technical requirements:

1) Power: single-phase 110-230 VAC mains with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) unit rated at 2000 VA or greater
2) Space: min. 2700 mm x 1900 mm x 2250 mm (W x L x H) – ex. visual system / min. 4800 mm x 3150 mm x 3050 mm (W x L x H) – with simworld vision system

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