About us

Established in 2009, simworld has always strived to deliver ultimate and highly reliable products for flight simulation. We are a team of aviation enthusiasts dedicated to providing the best possible experience to all Customers. Over years we have developed numerous innovative products, solutions and production technologies with our CAN system in particular. Simworld specializes in 737 flight simulator that suits home, flight experience and professional needs.

Our devices have been appreciated by aviation enthusiasts and professionals around the world. We have partnered with universities, flight schools, amusement centres, museums and airlines. Our attention to details, reliability of our products, relentless quality control and devoted support have established simworld as the leading force among European sim manufacturers. Simworld is present in more than 50 countries and still reaching out for new destinations!

In 2015 simworld – as the first simulators manufacturer – opened own flight simulator center (flight experience centre) in Poznan (Poland) named GearUP! which is now available to all aviation entusiasts who can enjoy the flight illusion! Our simulator features the second-to-none vision system which produces a seamless outside view on a wraparound projection screen – 5m wide and 2m high! Even without any motion system immersion is so high that most pilots do lean their heads when banking. GearUP!’s 737 Flight Simulator has already flown thousands of hours with our Customers and still counting!

We are pleased that you have found our business and are considering us as a supplier of your flight simulator. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you materialize your projects!


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